Through his artistry, author endeavors and philanthropy, Isaiah Jamel personifies what it means to embrace and leverage life’s adversity as a stepping stool towards doing, being and living up to one’s greatest potential. His work allows consumers to hear, see and feel connected to their inner strength, be empowered to walk in their purpose and make an impact within their own capacity.  

Influenced by a family filled with singers, Isaiah embodied the musical tradition and started his artistic journey as an organist at eight years old. Since then, Isaiah has received professional training, expanded his mastery of musical instruments and explored his vocal capabilities. Intrigued by soul, r&b, jazz and rock genres, Isaiah’s creativity has developed into an alternative sound with an inspirational message that resonates with listeners from all walks of life. 

Stemming from Christian-based topics, Isaiah’s lyrics have an universal appeal that reflect his personal experiences and tackle real world issues. With the help of musical mentors spanning New York and Boston, he wrote and released his first album Ready To Win (2012) with his group, ANuPeople. In Spring 2017, he debuted his sophomore EP, Transparency Pt. 1--which demonstrated his coming of age story as well as encouraged a movement of transparent thinking regarding life’s successes and failures.  

In Spring of 2018, Isaiah is set to release Transparency Pt. 2, a project that will incentivize free valued expression rather than close-mindedness and stereotypical sentiments. The EP’s focal messages will be mirrored in Isaiah’s debut book and re-launch of his youth-based non-profit, MusicBreeds, Inc. 

As an artist, author and community leader, Isaiah strives to fulfill his purpose by engaging, empowering and enlightening his audience to become the best version of themselves.

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“Isaiah Jamel is testimony in movement, working to connect, motivate, and inspire the people...”


“Conversational. Inspiring. Honest. Soulful. Universally appealing. Truly original. New York-based gospel-soul singer-songwriter Isaiah Jamel’s music is an uplifting force in a chaotic and challenging world.”

— NLD Radio