Press-Release available Now for Isaiah Jamels Upcoming album Transparency Part 2: UNITED set to available this August 2019!!



Listen to his latest single “Can’t Let Go” HERE!

“Isaiah Jamel is testimony in movement, working to connect, motivate, and inspire the people...” - TunedLoud

(New York, NY) May 2019: New York-based Soul artist, Isaiah Jamel, is pleased to announce the upcoming release of his anticipated record, Transparency Part 2: United, out August 18th, 2019. Following the success of Transparency Part 1, where Jamel depicted his own truths, the album extends to unite everyone in their quest for honesty and authenticity. Working alongside Grammy-winning producer Charles “Chally Mikes” Haynes and world-renowned Engineer Jon Lammi, Isaiah Jamel brings together hope, pain, confusion, questioning and happiness into one record. Transparency Part 2: United is also the first record to be presented through his multi-media umbrella company, TunedForward.

The project serves as a transitional point for Isaiah Jamel toward the alternative market. Originally stemming from Christian-based topics, Jamel’s lyricism has grown to encompass a universal appeal. As an artist, Isaiah Jamel is using his music and personal experiences to empower all communities to make an impact within their own capacity.

The project is introduced through his upcoming single “Hold On”, an uplifting track inspired by the timeless sounds of Marvin Gaye and Al Green. Jamel pulls back the layers of unrest in social change through the lyrics and his soulful vocals.

Says Jamel, “My writing ‘Hold On’ was to ignite a conversation bigger than ourselves and to bring hope to people searching for a better chance at life.”

In addition to new original tracks, Transparency Part 2: United includes live recordings of two singles, “Can’t Let Go” and “No Greater Love”, which originally appeared on Part 1. “Can’t Let Go” specifically transitions the project from Part 1 to Part 2 as the single carries the message of continuing your drive despite life’s harsh moments. Isaiah Jamel's decision to include the live recordings also transcend the focus of the project from himself to the masses.

Originally from Oklahoma and grew up in New York City, Isaiah Jamel was influenced by a family filled with singers and became an organist at eight years old. He received professional training, expanded his mastery of musical instruments and explored his vocal capabilities with the help of mentors spanning New York and Boston. Intrigued by soul, jazz, and rock genres,

Jamel’s creativity has developed into an alternative sound with an inspirational message that resonates with listeners from all walks of life.

Isaiah Jamel wrote and released his first album Ready To Win (2012) with his group, ANuPeople. In Spring 2017, he debuted his sophomore EP, Transparency Pt. 1: Inspiration, which demonstrated his coming of age story as well as encouraged a movement of transparent thinking regarding life’s successes and failures. Through his upcoming EP, Isaiah Jamel continues this movement and expands it to encompass all of us - honesty with each other.

Currently, Isaiah Jamel single “Can’t Let Go” is available on on all streaming platforms. He is preparing for the release of the first single off the EP, “Hold On”, along with the upcoming release of Transparency Part 2: United. The project’s focal messages will be mirrored in Isaiah’s upcoming debut book, The Lego Effect - Building Towards Better. Be sure to follow Isaiah Jamel on social media to stay updated on the release of Transparency Part 2: United, out August 18th, 2019.

About Isaiah Jamel:

An artist, entrpeneur, and community leader, Isaiah Jamel is a multi-faceted individual striving to strength and unite people through his work. He is the founder of the multi-media company TunedForward, which is responsible for the development and production of short films and documentaries. The company’s mission follows that of Jamel’s music, “movement that both initiates and motivates evolutionary thinking and enterprise while aiming to inspire and uplift.” TunedForward also serves as the umbrella company behind all music and media releated to the Isaiah Jamel brand.

Isaiah Jamel is also the founder and Executive Director of the youth-based non-profit, MusicBreeds, Inc. The non-profit strives to reach aspiring musicians who are struggling against economic situations. Constructed as four week Summer Youth Academy and After School Program, MusicBreeds keep music in the lives of children attending educational institutions with little to no musical training available.

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