Isaiah Jamel & Director Princess Bey join forces to create a 7 Episode Docuseries to hit production late July


Production for the 7 episode docuseries is set begin in late July with a perspective release date of August 2019. Each episode will aim to address different social issues arising in our country and around the world. With a clear lense the goal is to do our part in bringing awareness to non-discussed issues that deal with religion, relationships, music, insecurities, social issues and more. 

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Isaiah has teamed up with Screenwriter/Director Princess Bey from Deus Beni Productions to bring you cultivating stories through film in collaboration with his upcoming album Transparency Part 2: UNITED. Isaiah has always desired to tell stories not only through music but through film.

“Film allows you the opportunity to reach a deeper level of engagement and understanding. I’m fascinated with documentaries and how they capture the heart of an event or person. It’s so inspiring be able to live in the moment in real-time and that’s what I want to do. I created TunedForward to push past the restrictions and the ceilings and create art that matters to me. This is freedom!” - Isaiah Jamel

Isaiah Jamel